Great resourses for using iPads both with students and as a productivity tool for teachers...

Teach with your iPad:
Mind Maps
Teach with your iPad Wiki
The iPad in the Classroom
Pedagogy and the iPad
Learning and Teaching with iPads
Greenwich Academy's iPad resources
Word Processing and Office Suite stuff
The hidden keyboard features
iPads in Kindergarten
iPad User Group Wiki
Teach With Your iPad
iPad Activities
Pedagogy and the iPad
EdTechTeacher Blog

Apptivities from Apple Distinguished Educators
Apptivities for Kids
TeachChef4You - Apptivities
World of Media - Apptivities
Mr. Pace's Class - Apptivities
iPad in Schools
Scoop-it - iPads in Education
iPads in Education - Daily

iPad Lessons - Pintarest - Lisa Johnson
iPad Lesson Ideas -
New kinds of Interactivity...
Toys interacting with iPad

General Info:
Apple's iPad Support
75 iPad Ideas for the Classroom
iPads in Education
Karen Janowski's iPad for Learners
Kathy Schrock's iPads in Education and Apps to Support Blooms
iPads in Schools
iPad2 Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts
Creating iPad Apps
Sandy Budreau's Teach with your iPad
Megan Wilson's iPodsibilities
Best iPad2 cases that I have seen so far are even customizable by kids or your school...Brenthaven 5-in-one Case at CafePress!
ISTE's iPad Wiki
iPad for formative assessment - from Bill Ferriter and the Tempered Radical
iPad Academy
Sam Gliksman's Blog - iPads in Education
iPads in Schools
Fun Classroom Activities
iPad Educators
Belton ISD Texas iPad 1:1

Setting Up Quantity:
iPad Schools
SpicyLearningBlog - great tips and mistakes...
Video - The Process, Product and Future of 1:1 iPads
Palm Beach County Schools iPad Rollout other resources from Palm Beach

Managing Connectivity:
3 Meeting Apps
Using USB devices and FTP - Hyperjuice

iCloud and PC computers - Software:

Finding Good Apps:
Apptic - Apps chosen by Apple Distinguished Educators

Apps for High School- by Jim Hoffman
Free iPad Apps
Famigo - Family Favorites - good rating system
Best Apps for Kids - great breakdown of an educational app
Mindleap- educational quality, engagement factor, and shelf life
iPad Apps for Students
List of FREE apps for education
Best Kids Apps - reviews with basic age rating
Mom's with Apps
Fun Educational Apps - in-depth reviews with lots of pictures
Free Apps for Educators
I Education Apps Review - community of reviewers including students give a unique perspective uses for an app
Mac App Store - comprehensive list of apps
Teachers with Apps - reviews of apps that include videos and images
So you want to teach...
Smart Apps for Kids - dad on a journey to find the best iPhone & iPad apps
Free Apps for Teachers
Apps for Hobyists
Apps in Education - apps reviewed by subject. These reviews are brief and to the point
100 Best iPhone Apps for Teachers
Apps in Education
Best Apps Used by Apple Distinguished Educators
Best Apps for Education
IEAR- I Education Apps Review
SNapps4Kids- adds an embedded list of skills that are addressed
Scoop it- Recommended Educational App Lists- join or simply see what they are reviewing
App Advice is not only a website but an app: appadvice $1.99.
Apps for Serious Self-Learners
Bridging Apps - gives skill list for each app that they review
Apple in Education - Apps
*List of Apps for Kindergarten
*Apps for STEM - Tech Chicks

Literacy Apps
Apps that Support Literacy

Foreign Language Learning:
French - Appolicious
Made Manual
80 Apps to learn a new language
40 Coolest iPad Apps for Language Learners

Seven Valuable Apps for Photography
15 Best Apps for Photographers
Marmalade Moon
10 Best iPad Photo Editing Apps
Best Apps for Serious Photographers

Best Apps Review SItes:
App Advice
Best iPad Apps for Little Kids

Best Apps for Documenting Learning
Apps for documenting learning

Best Apps for Speech and Languge and kids...
Geek SLP
Toddles with speech delay
Smarty Ears Apps
iPad apps for speech therapy


Apps for Communication
Autism and iPad

Special Ed
Apps for Differentiation
Bridging Apps - Bridging the Gap Between Technology and People with Disabilities
Stages - SPED wikispace

Apps for OT
Dexteria - Fine Motor Skill Development - $4.99
Marvo Occupational Therapy Guide - Spanish FREE

Books / Textbooks / Flexbooks:

Impact of iPad
K12 Mobile Learning
iPad Summit