iPad as a Teaching Tool - Teaching with 1 iPad – Doceri, Splashtop, Reflection, and Apple TV
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Audience: K-12
Level: Beginner-Advanced

Course Description: Explore the pedagogy of a one iPad Classroom.
Teaching with one iPad – create and share content with your whole class using tools and techniques that are interactive and engaging. Control your computer with your iPad, use your iPad as an interactive slate, mirror your iPad on a screen or IWB. These tools are available for the Mac platform and some for the Windows platform as well.

Be comfortable using an iPad

1. Download the Doceri App from the iTunes Store - FREE and then download the Doceri Desktop Client from the Doceri site (www.doceri.com). You can chose to buy it or you can download the FREE 30 Day Trial.
Doceri App
Download the FREE 30 Day Trial

2.Download and Install Reflection on your Laptop or desktop computer. There is now a FREE trial for Reflection.

3. Download the Splashtop App and Splashtop Streamer or Share with someone who has it.

4. If you have a SmartBoard, you may want to download the new SmartBoard App.

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