Title: iPad as a Learning Tool - Using iPads with Small Groups
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Audience: K-12
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Course Description: Explore the pedagogy of constuctivism using iPads with Small Groups

Create quality, innovative, and thoughtful lessons combining Apps and your curriculum. Come with an objective for a lesson and leave with a lesson plan. Use the iPad for creating content and not simply consuming content. Use the iPad and Apps to learn something and then createnew by combining past knowledge with new knowledge.

Prerequisites: Be comfortable using an iPad.
1. Arrive with at least one note taking App, one drawing App, one multimedia App, one book creation App.

Suggestions for Apps:
Note taking Apps: GoodNotes, Sound Note, NotesPlus, SlingNote, Penultimate, Field Notes
Drawing Apps: DrawingPad, FingerPsint,
Multimedia Apps
Book creation Apps:
Field Notes, iBook and iBook Creator (Mac Laptop needed)

Read up a bit on TPACK, LoTi, and SAMR.

UBD - Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe

TPACK_hi_res_image.pngsamr2.pngBloom's Taxonomy can be looked at in so many ways..LoTi.jpgITC.jpgblooms1.png